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Time to start wiring! The donor pallet came with the full wiring harness from the Mustang, but this looked like a nightmare waiting to happen! The harness contained every piece of wiring that the Mustang needed - electric seats, heated rear screen, etc. It would have needed to have been 'dieted' down to remove at least 40%, so we started looking into other options.

We decided to go with the I-Squared system which has just been fantastic to work with. The idea behind this system is that all of the power circuits are run directly from a central 'power controller' and all of the switches are connected to a 'master controller' that sends a signal to the power controller to turn various circuits on and off. One of the main advantages of this setup is that any switch can be used for any purpose as no load is taken directly through the switch.

Once the power controller was installed, it was simply a case of running 14 guage wire from each out put on the controller to the device it was running. This meant that wiring went very smoothly and each circuit was easily tested one by one. All of the wiring was wrapped in split conduit and attached to the frame by rivits and cable clamps to hold everything in place. I'm really happy how the wiring has come out and everything seems to be working as designed, which is nice....

Having converted from EFI to Carb the engine wiring was really simple, and having purchased all MSD components they all connected together really easily. The engine wiring consisted of power to the starter solenoid, power from the alternator to the battery, and then switched power to the starter motor and ignition. It's as easy at that.