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Trunk Mods

This section is all Aisling's work. We decided early on in the build that we wanted to be able to use the car and go on vacations in it - which meant that we needed storage space. When looking at the donor Mustang fuel tank, we realised that there was a large amount of space not being used below the trunk floor and above the fuel tank. So Ash got out the construction card and mocked up a template of what we could do. This was then transfered onto a sheet of aluminum, cut out, and bent on a brake.

Once the structure was in place, it needed to be covered in a sound / heat insulation product and then covered in a layer of foam and carpet. Ash managed to do all of this 'in situ' which was particularly impressive. The end result looks great and we're both really impressed with the outcome. It was also provided us with a significant amount of additional storage which will allow us to go on road trips with more than just a toothbrush!