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Trip Diary

Day 7: San Diego

Today, one of the local Cobra builders in San Diego decided to throw a party at their house for us, to welcome us to California which was really nice of them. They had 8 Cobras and 2 Mustangs turn up with about 25 people in all.

Karl kindly put together a gift package of cleaning products for the Cobra that had travelled the furthest to get to the party!

It was great to meet everyone and thanks again to Karl for hosting a great event. As well as meeting lots of great people, we also went on a little road trip to see one of Karl's friends who has an original Cobra! We finished the day being kids and going to Sea World to try out the rides.

Day 8: Eagle Field

Ash and I split up from Travis and Monique for today and headed inland towards Fresno and then to Eagle Field. Eagle Field is an old World War 2 air force base that is now owned by a friend of mine. We stayed there overnight in the officers quarters after taking pictures of the car along side jet fighters, bombers, helicopters etc.

The airfield is so cool and our friend has a number of movie props in the hanger - fighter aircraft from 'pearl harbour', the bomber from 'forever young' and numerous others. It was like stepping back in time and being back in the airfield during the early 1940's.

Day 9: Yosemite

We left Eagle Field after a big breakfast and headed for Yosemite park, and met yet another Corvette club our for a ride - and the good news was that they acknowledged our existence and spoke to us. This was a real change after being ignored by the Butte corvette club.

The amazing thing about this journey is that I started off with the car being tuned at 3500 ft above sea level in Calgary. We have been down to sea level and up to over 7000 ft, and it worked fine everywhere! The drive up to the top of the part was amazing.

After driving through the park for the day we met up again with Travis and Monique and stayed in some nice rustic log cabins just outside of the park.