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The heater that we purchased from Factory Five was designed to sit on the passenger side of the firewall with the fan part on the engine side. As we spent so much time keeping the engine bay clean, I started looking at other ways of positioning the heater. I wanted it to be central so that both driver and passenger could benefit from the heat, so I split the fan from the heater core and mounted the heater core centrally on the transmission tunnel. I then mounted the fan sodeways behind the dashboard where it could be hidden. This still left enough space to install a stereo head unit in front of the passenger. I then fabricated some aluminum panels to box in the heater core. The output from the heater is vented to two vents on each side of the console.

We also looked into ways of reducing the 'kit car' feel of the vehicle. One of the main ways to do this is to reduce the amount of vibration and stopping panels 'rattling' together. To stop the rattle, a bead of silicone was put between all panels when they were rivited together. To give the panels a 'solid' feeling, a layer of sound dampening material was put down on all aluminum panels. This covering has two purposes - one is to thicken the panels and give them a more solid feel (along with dampening sound transmission), and the second is to provide a level of heat insultation.