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Stripping down the donor 5.0 Engine

Whilst we're not planning on doing anything major to the engine just yet, we decided to strip it down to the heads to have a look and see if there were any unexpected surprises. So far so good! The main idea is to get the block and heads cleaned up (wire brush and elbow grease) and then painted black withg engine paint. The Power Steering pump, A/C compressor & Smog Pump have all been ditched as they won't be required for this build. This makes the front of the engine much tidier than it was, and we're investigating some new pulleys to clean up the front even more.

The evolution (or should that be devolution?) of the front end clean up is shown below:


The next set of photos basically documents the condition of the engine when we started, and will serve as a reminder of where things were connected so that I have a record for when I come to put it all back together again. It will also be a nice reminder of where we started from, for when the engine is all rebuilt, looking fresh and installed in the car.