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Installing the engine

The day finally came when we could install the engine. Luckily one of the other Tuscany builders, Travis, popped over and leant a hand. The first step was to mount the lifting bracket onto the carb mounting plate on the intake manifold. I used the ARP carburetor mounting studs which held the weight of the engine and transmissions no problem. We then positioned the engine hoist and started to take the weight off the engine stand. After fighting a bit with a couple of the bolts (the POR 15 had overrun when painting the block) the engine was finally free.

After the problem with one of the rear tires getting destroyed during fitting, we had a nice high 'spare' tire to rest the engine on whilst we installed the flywheel and clutch. I must point out at this stage that we actaully ended up putting the transmission on three times as we kept forgetting key parts....

Once the flywheel and clutch were installed for the final time, and the transmission was torqued up, it was time to introduce it to thr engine bay. As we had all four wheels on the car and it was sitting on dollies at each corner we decided that it would be easier to push the car under the engine instead of trying to wheel the engine hoist over the car. It was a remarkably painless exercise and dropped right in. The only problem was the lack of a rear transmission mount, but that was easily rectified later.

With the engine now installed, it was time to finish hooking up the fuel lines. I had run the braided hose all the way to the front of the passenger footbox and and left it coiled up there. I fitted an in-line 100 micron fuel filter just before the pressure regulator to try and filter out any remaining junk before the fuel got to the carburetor. I also attached a pressure gauge to the rgulator so that I can keep an eye on the pressure - I will need to get a 90 degree fitting so that I will be able to see the gauge with the body installed. From the regulator it was a simple line to the carb. Here the fittings were purchased specifically for the Holley 4150 Carb and were a simple 'bolt on' install. I also decided to replace the rubber hose used to relocate the oil filter with AN8 braided hose, which I think addds to the look of the engine compartment.