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Cypress Donor Pallet

We decided that it made more sense for us to purchase a donor pallet kit, rather than trying to find and strip down a full Mustang GT. One of the main drivers for this was the difficulty in finding a suitable donor in Calgary. Whilst we did see a few advertised, they were either too old and abused, or too expensive and in too good condition to strip down. Time was obviously another factor - we had ordered the kit from FFR before we'd even started looking for a donor!

We contacted a number of places to see what donor kits were available and Cypress Auto in California had a '95 GT all ready to go with five lug disks all round and 78,000 miles on the clock. We (who am I kidding - my wife Ash) researched shipping and brokerage and sorted all of the paperwork out. The donor pallet arrived with us on the 30th March which gives us about 6 weeks to strip it all down and get it ready to add to the FFR roadster kit in May.