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Cleaning & Sandblasting

The first step once we'd emptied the crate was to determing the condition of the various parts and decide which bits we were going to keep and which we were going to replace / upgrade. We'd purchased a number of tools to assist with the cleaning stage:- Sandblasting cabinet, 20 gallon compressor & 20 gallon cleaning tank.


The parts that could be stripped down enough to be sandblasted were, whilst the others were either cleaned in the tank or on the floor with 'GUNK - Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser' and a nylon brush. Wow! This stuff works amazingly. Both the rear brake callipers and the front lower control arms were cleaned with this spray cleaner.


The sandblasting cabinet has been mainly used for the pedal box so far. The clutch & brake pedals along with the pedal box itself have been stripped down, masked, blasted, cleaned in the tank, sprayed with primer and finally sprayed black. The next task is re-assembly.


To test the sandbasting cabinet when we first got it, we put in the nameplate from the top of the inlet manifold. The current task is to take the exhaust headers back to a stainless steel look from their current 'second hand' look.