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Wheels and Brakes

For our Cobra build we wanted to have good wide tires on the car, and we so decided on 315/35 17" at the rear and 255/45 17" at the front. We ended up buying our wheels from Factory Five. This was for a number of reasons: they looked really good, the back spacing etc was going to work with our setup, and they were well priced.


The brakes that came with the donor were looking a bit tired, so we decided to completely replace the braking system. We went for Ford Racing Cobra ventilated rotors and calipers on all four corners. All the brake lines are new - either hard lines or braided stainless steel hoses to connect to the calipers. We're going to go with a manual brake setup, and to make this adjustable we've gone for a dual CNC setup with a separate master cylinder for the front and rear.

This manual setup is going to require a modification to the brake pedal from the donor, as the pedal ratio is setup for a power brake system. To enable fine adjustment from the cockpit I'm fitting a remote bias adjuster which moves the balance beam to adjust brake pressure front/back. This should mean that I can fine tune the brakes to the conditions from inside the car.