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Body Prep

The first step in body prep was to get the body installed onto the chassis. The body had been stored out in the yard for 9 months waiting for the chassis to finished. Once the body was carried into the garage and installed onto the chassis the doors, hood and trunk could be fitted.

We decided to contract out the body work and found a painter in Canmore (Joel) who was willing to do all of the body prep as well as the painting. We visited him a couple of times - once when the body was still undergoing the intial bondo & sanding, and then again just before the final colour went down. We think he's done a fantastic job!

The colour we decided upon is a Dodge burnt orange with some pearl added to give it a bit of punch. We also went with gloss black stripes which we're really happy with as they contrast really well with the orange, and match the wheels, seats, powercoating etc. before we installed the body I fitted all of the lights and wired them up to some waterproof quick-connects, which made installing the body and getting the lights working a simple task.