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Body Install

Once I'd gotten the lights installed into the body we could carefully lift the body over the chassis and drop it down. This was one of the most stressful parts of the build - pulling and bending freshly painted fiberglass! Luckily it went on without issue and we could stand back and see what she was going to look like. We were delighted with the colour and how it looked mated to the chassis.

The bar you can see running across the engine bay is the for the wipers which are not installed at this stage. It is the sleeve in which the threaded rod turns. The second picture shows the side vents which allow heat to escape from the engine bay. We sent these off to be powder coated gloss black and I'm really glad we did as they look great against the orange and tie in with the wheels and exhaust really well. The final picture shows the car before we installed the windshield and doors - looks like a full on racing car!

With the doors, hood and trunk installed she really starts to look like a finished car! Ash made a great choice with the tire selection - Goodyear Eagle F1's which are 315/35 17" at the rear! Gives a really mean look to the cars following it! The 'In-Transit' sticker in the window is for when we take her for the safety inspection. Once we pass that we'll be on the road! Watch this space.....